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Our team is experienced in developing reliable, up-to-date products tailored to clients’ needs. Bet Technology helps betting companies stay ahead in a dynamic industry.

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Bet Technology’s product and service offering has been pivotal to our company’s growth since the partnership began in 2017.

From initial consultation through to implementation and ongoing technical support, Bet Technology provide us with tailormade solutions to both our back and front-end applications that ensure our betting operations continue to run smoothly while also delivering a fast, easy and intuitive user experience to our customers.

Best of all, the solutions built by Bet Technology have proven scalable, which has been crucial in keeping pace with our own rapidly expanding offering and growing customer base.

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Innovate, Bet, Win: Bet Technology Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Make it Happen!

Bet Technology offers innovative wagering solutions for betting companies, leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies. Our services span from fixtures and odds, to managing client accounts and payment gateways. All of our services are built upon the powerful and secure Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, ensuring scalability, reliability and speed. With the use of cutting-edge technologies, our solutions are designed to provide an optimal user experience and make the betting process faster and easier. Our services, backed by advanced technology, offer a comprehensive package to betting companies, enabling them to focus on their core business and offer superior services to their customers.

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Rock solid, class leading, bookmaking services

At Bet Technology, we have created Betting Edge, a scalable technology platform for the next generation of bookmakers worldwide. Betting Edge provides online bookmaking services across racing and sports on a global scale.

We currently partner with Palmerbet and provided them with a platform that has enabled growth and reliability through ongoing development and support. And we can do this for you too.

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Up to date odds are just the beginning

Betting Edge can not only provide your customers with the most current prices for both racing and sports, but do so in a secure and reliable manner anywhere in the world.

Betting Edge is a platform that both websites and mobile apps can utilise giving you freedom to provide your bet making service to customers where ever they may be.